With our in-depth knowledge of Class Requirements, Equipment Maintenance, and Drilling Operational expertise our teams can ensure that your rig is maintained at exceptional levels and ready to go to work when it needs to.

STACKING (Cold, Warm, or Hot Stacked Rig, Hot stacked is fully crewed and ready to go)

a.     Cold Stack

  • Preserve equipment as per manufacturer’s recommendations
  • Seal Rig access securely
  • Monitor the site (personal visits or via online cameras)

b.     Warm Stack

1.     Crew

  • Minimal Rig Crew consisting of competent and appropriate maintenance and operational personnel

2.     Maintenance

  • Maintain Rig at required level to include class requirements
  • Maintain and operate equipment as per manufacturer’s recommendations
  • Maintenance program can be provided that will go with the rig for issuing and logging of maintenance activities and consumables (utilized for ordering and monitoring consumables consumed during maintenance of equipment)
    •  The system will be software based and tailored for each rig


  • Maintenance is logged as per IADC recommendations 
  • Spare parts and tools inventoried, maintained, and managed
  • Ensure relevant equipment (for example pressure relief valves and load cells) remain in calibration as per requirements
  • Ensure safety equipment is up to date, inspections, and operations performed as per regulatory requirements
    • Lifeboats, Rescue craft, davits, and Life rafts are inspected and operated
    • Fire extinguishers inspected and certified
    • Fire alarm and associated system inspections performed and logged


3.     Security

  • Guard shack at each rig manned 24 hours by local security personnel

4. Delivery Documentation

  • Review Rig Delivery Documentation after delivery
  • Commissioning Documentation
    • Cheetah Offshore will review all commissioning documentation
    • Perform, witness, and document items not covered in the procedures
  • Ensure all certificates are documented
  • Class and Flag documentation managed and up to dat

c.     Hot Stack

  • All Warm stacked items plus full operational crew