Cheetah Offshore provides project management and operator services in the fossil fuel recovery industry and facilities management services in marine related industries.

Health, safety and environment protection are company values and key business objectives for Cheetah Offshore.  Accordingly, we pledge to protect the environment and the health and safety of all our employees and contractors, the users of our products and the communities in which we operate.

We will strive to understand and responsibly manage the occupational health, safety and environmental implications of all our business activities. Cheetah Offshore is committed to the involvement and empowerment of our workforce in the continuous improvement of our health, safety and environmental performance.

Our policy objectives are:

  1. To safeguard the health of all who work for us by promoting safety awareness, by assessing and minimising risks, by providing a managed workplace that is as safe as practically possible and by providing occupational health care systems.
  2. To provide systems to ensure that incidents, near misses, concerns and complaints are reported adequately, investigated and that steps are taken to prevent recurrence.
  3. To anticipate, evaluate and manage major risks for our operations through the development of crisis management programs that emphasise prevention, effective emergency preparedness, response and recovery plans.
  4. To increase and maintain awareness of our environmental stewardship responsibilities, and occupational health and safety issues among our workforce; and to try to train them to work in a safe and environmentally sound manner.
  5. To ensure that occupational health, safety and environmental protection are considered at all stages of our activities and that all our facilities are designed, engineered and maintained in a safe and environmentally sound way.
  6. To undertake regular monitoring, periodic review and audit to ensure that this policy and associated Cheetah Offshore management systems are correctly implemented, maintained, and improved.
  7. To comply with all relevant legislation as a minimum and to use the best industry practices as a benchmark for Cheetah Offshore performance.
  8. To promote safe handling, use and disposal of our wastes by acquiring and communicating relevant information to our employees, contractors and customers.
  9. To keep up to date with HSE developments and implement improvements that are relevant to our operations.
  10. To work with others where practical, to develop practical solutions for HSE problems.
  11. To develop communication channels which ensure that this policy and its objectives are understood by all employees, contractors, suppliers and to actively seek their input and feedback.


Safety Policy Statement

Cheetah Offshore operates a safety policy based on documented procedures, regular information meetings and regular audits.

  • A dedicated Safety Officer conducts regular audits both at the base facilities and work sites offshore and onshore. These audits are documented. Swift, decisive action is taken to remedy non-conformances.
  • Regular safety information meetings by both internal and external officers are held at the work sites.
  • The Safety Officer is responsible for maintaining a fully stocked first aid room.
  • This Safety Manual is issued to all employees, sub-contractors, and clients.
  • This Cheetah Offshore Safety Manual will be reviewed and updated in January every year and as required on a case-by-case basis.


Substance Abuse Policy (SAP)

Cheetah Offshore enforces a strict Substance Abuse Policy that begins with the employee’s Pre-Screening and Induction Program.  Each employee is carefully screened for drug abuse and acquainted with our SAP and guidelines. This policy is enforced throughout the company worldwide and at every level of employment within Cheetah Offshore. No Corporate Officer, Employee, and/or Sub-Contractor are exempt from our SAP and regulations. Our policy is very simple and consists only of “Two Words” which are shown below:



To best serve the interests of this company, we expect all employees to conduct themselves in a responsible professional manner.  There is no place in this company for people who display a lack of respect for themselves, the welfare of others, and their responsibility imposed by the requirements of their jobs.

In keeping with this philosophy, we reserve the right to suspend or dismiss an employee for any of the following reasons:

  1. Consumption of non-prescription chemicals including alcohol while on duty or resident in a worksite camp.
  2. Reporting for work when under the influence of non-prescription chemicals or alcohol.
  3. Improper conduct towards the public, operator’s representatives, company personnel and/or camp staff.
  4. Weapons.