Our team has advised numerous clients across the globe on fit for purpose drilling solutions. Our disciplines range from basic and detailed design to procurement services.

Many issues affect a Project’s design, cost, performance, Class, Flag and geographic operational location all having an impact.

Cheetah Offshore utilizes an experienced team consisting of construction, maintenance, and operationally oriented personnel for assisting customers determine a suitable design to meet budget and objectives by addressing the below Project constraints for a high quality, on time, in budget delivery without costly modifications.

1. Budget: Determine a cost based upon the budget and business plan

2. Time : Identify a cost effective construction location with suitable abilities and reputation to provide an on time delivery


  • Determine what is expected of the design (performance)
  • Operational location
  1. Ability to withstand environmental forces
  2. Identify the required Rules and Regulations specific to the operating location to be included in the construction specification
  3. Transit cost and time to operational location after construction

4. Classand Flag

  • Determine suitable classing of a project (ABS, DNV, Lloyds, etc…)
  • Determine appropriate Flag for a vessel

5. Verification of Rig design, construction, and quality performed by an independent 3rd party

6. Improvements to the design from an operationally experienced point of view are considered for inclusion