We have extensive experience and involvement in the various stages of the construction process whether at client, owner or shipyard level.

a.     Assist with locating a suitable shipyard with the reputation and capabilities required in order to provide for a high quality rig delivered on time

b.     Provide for an internationally experienced Project Management Team covering all disciplines to live and work on site

c.     Lessons learned gained from operating worldwide and constructing vessels in many different Shipyards are passed on to the onsite Project Management Team

d.     Well documented Internationally recognized Project Management procedures and processes will be utilized for Project organization and control

e.     The site team will ensure construction work is carried out in accordance with the Contract, Specification, and applicable rules and regulations

f.      Assist with or perform review and approval of all Shipyard issued drawings, procedures, tests, and trials

i.     Drawings

Competent experienced personnel available to review, suggest operational improvements, and ensure drawings are in compliance to the Specification and regulations

ii.     Procedures

Procedures are reviewed to ensure they are appropriate and comply with the Specification, Regulations, and internationally recognized standards