Assist with locating a suitable shipyard with the reputation and capabilities required in order to provide for a high quality rig delivered on time.

Provide for an internationally experienced Project Management Team covering all disciplines to live and work continuously on site.

Lessons learned gained from operating worldwide and constructing vessels in many different Shipyards are passed on to the site Project Management Team.

Well documented internationally recognised Project Management (PMO) procedures and processes are utilised for Project organisation and control.


The Contract and specifications are reviewed line by line and detailed in a spreadsheet ensuring each item (no matter how small) are included and compliant


  • Monitor and report progress independently of the Shipyard’s reporting
  • Advise alternatives to the construction schedule


  • Reports issued at a minimum weekly to report progress, look ahead, issues (includes graphs and charts) to enable the end user to quickly grasp situational awareness

Drawings & Procedures

  • Competent experienced personnel review drawings to provide operational improvements, ensure drawings are in compliance to specifications, rules, regulations, and internationally recognised standards

Inspection and Test Plan (ITP)

  • Ensure all disciplines are included and inspected to a satisfactory level with appropriate attendance of owner and class
  • Ensure it is stated which documentation will be produced upon delivery

Incoming Equipment

  • Factory Acceptance Tests (FATs)
  1. Procedures are reviewed prior to performing FATs for discrepancies and compliance with specifications, regulations, rules, and standards
  2. Inspected prior to shipping from Vendor (compliant with specifications and purchase order)
  3. Inspected and inventoried upon arrival prior to installation on board (compliant with specifications and purchase order in the event an FAT was not performed) and for damaged and missing parts

Inspection Process

  • Controlled by ITP
  • All inspections are witnessed (signed, dated, and commented) by PMT inspection team, ABS (where required), and Shipyard
  • Inspection report copies are retained by the PMT in hard and soft copy

Punch List

  • An independent punch list recorded and monitored by the PMT


  • Commissioning procedures are reviewed and commented on ensuring all equipment is covered and content is as per the Vendor’s Manual and Owner requirements
  • All Commissioning activities are witnessed (signed, dated, and commented) by the Commissioning team, ABS (where required), and Shipyard

Endurance (Acceptance) Test

  • Review of the Endurance Test procedure is performed to ensure a simulated drilling condition as near as practical and possible is achieved in order to test the function of each individual equipment and the interactions between them

Delivery Documentation

  • The delivery documentation content, structure, and format are worked out with the shipyard to ensure all documentation is organized and collected throughout the entire construction process and available upon delivery